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Flush Doors

Flush doors are resistive against heat, dust, and noise. They can be external or Internal. Basically, both are similar but if the door is for external use, it is intensified for security and to handle the exposure to weather.


There are multiple types of doors used in the making of the house. Different types are made of different materials, have different properties and use.


1) Solid Core Flush Doors

Solid Core is also known as Laminated Flush doors. It is the main and most famous type of Flush door. As suggested by the name, it has a solid block of wood inside. It is better than other flush doors in terms of strength and soundproofing properties.
Different combinations such as MDF, blockboard, cross band, veneer, Laminated Core are used for the construction of Solid Core Flush Doors.


2) Hollow Core Flush Doors

Hollow Core Flush Doors are hollow from inside with the honeycomb support system. Hollow Core Flush Doors have frames consists of stiles, top, bottom, and intermediate rails that are not less than 7.5m in width.
The thickness of Plywood is always more than 6mm. They are light in weight in comparison to Solid Core Flush doors.

3) Cellular Core Flush Doors

A cellular core flush door frame involves stiles, top rail, and bottom rail. The width of these rails is not less than 7.5cm. Cellular Core Flush Doors are constructed by fixing wooden or plywood battens and these battens are minimum 25 mm wide. 
In this type of Doors, the thickness of Plywood should not be less than 3mm. It is more economical than other flush doors as it is more durable and better in appearance.

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