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Laminates provide an enhancing look at a comparatively low price, therefore they are mostly used surface finish for furniture elements. Laminate is a combined material manufactured in several layers to improve various qualities like strength, durability, appearance and more.


The installation of Lamination is easier as compared to hardwood floors and other alternatives. They also enrich the persistence of the furniture as they are scratch-resistant and easy to clean.


There are various types of laminates available in the market according to their application. They can be classified on the basis of:

Types Of Laminates Based Manufacturing Process:

1)Low-pressure Laminate: Under Low-pressure laminates, the decorative paper is soaked in melamine resin and dried and then it is bonded to MDF, HDF or Particle Board with heat-activated glue at low pressure.
2) High-pressure Laminate: High-pressure Laminates are manufactured by fixing the décor paper to the kraft paper at high pressure. They are more durable than Low-pressure Laminates.

Types of Laminates Based on Usage:

1) Decorative Laminates: Decorative laminates are used to decorate and protect the furniture. They are manufactured in different colors, textures, and designs. They are most commonly used in Home interiors, walls, etc to give an appealing look.
2) Industrial Laminates: Industrial Lamanites are better in strength than decorative laminates. They have high resistance against scratches and damages. They are mostly used in offices and hospitals. 

Laminates can be classified on the basis of their Advance properties such as:

1)Fire Rated Laminate
2)Anti-Bacterial Laminate
3)Outdoor UV Laminates:
4)Electrostatic Dissipative Laminate

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