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MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is an engineered wood that is made by using chippings and wood particles glued with each other to make boards. MDF is denser as compared to plywood. These Boards are simply available and economical than real wood. Therefore it is widely used in most of the buildings.

Depending on the properties, usage, and strength, it can be classified into 3 categories:

Particle Board

Particleboard is the most popularly used type of MDF. Particle Board uses various Raw material that is broken down, then they are processed to produce particles in different sizes and shapes. These particles are bonded together using a resin binder. It is mostly used to construct minor furniture for bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Fiber Board

The fiberboard is high-density particleboard that is is manufactured at a lower temperature in commonly a dry process. It is made by using various types of resins and bonding agents. Fibre Board is eco-friendly as it can be made using raw materials like wood chippings together with organic fiber from sugarcane and even vegetable starch. It has a soundproofing property, therefore, it is used in both commercial and residential areas.

Laminated Board

Laminated Boards are manufactured by using wood fibers with high heat and by exposing them to high pressures. Different wood grains are used in the manufacturing of the Laminated Board. Then Each layer of wood product is glued together, giving the laminated board a surface that is rigid.

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