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Plywood is the wooden board that is made by the piling of a few slender layers of wood veneers. It can be utilized in everything from furniture to house construction. It is used in the furniture like cupboards, drawers, sofa, etc.


There are different types of Plywood Grades. By knowing these Plywood Grades, one can decide the nature of Plywood and can choose where it needs to be used.

MR Grade Plywood

 MR grade is Moisture Resistant Plywood and is also known as Commercial Plywood. MR grade is interior grade plywood so it is suitable for indoor use. It is best for kitchen racks, TV tables, etc. In Comparison to BWR Grade Plywood, It is less expensive.

BWR Grade Plywood

 Boiling Water Resistant is semi-waterproof Plywood. It is suitable for exterior use and it is superior to MR Grade Plywood. It is suitable for Kitchen furniture as it most likely to get wet. It costs higher than MR Grade Ply. It is a highly-rated Plywood in India.


It is also known as Boiling Water Proof. It is superior to both MR Grade and BWR Grade in terms of quality and durability. It is used for outside marine applications like woodwork required to be done in ships.

There are several other types of Plywood that are available in the market:
1) Flexible Plywood
2)Fire Retardant Plywood

Various other types of Industrial Grade Plywood are available i.e structural Plywood, Phenolic Film-faced Concrete Shuttering plywood.

Nowadays, mostly used Plywood is MR Grade Plywood and BWR Grade Plywood.

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